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The Fastest Way to Bring in Cash

I’m always being asked.

“What’s the fastest way to grow my revenue and build my business”

Usually followed by

“I saw <insert name of online superstar> sold out a program and made $100k in 2 weeks whilst working from a Byron Bay/an ashram in India/a juice bar in LA.”

At this point I take a deep breath and try not to lose my shit.

You see, these passive income dreams we are all sold, whilst not entirely bullshit, they are missing a whole chunk of the story that people just don’t want you to see.  There is a whole lotta stuff that happens before people get 100 people signed up to their online course, a whole lotta stuff that people don’t tell you about.

So if you are in the first 2 years of business, with a small list and client base and a limited marketing budget, what’s the fastest way to grow your revenue AND build your brand to become the one they all want and the one that’s in demand?

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3 Ways to become the one they all want

The holy grail of running a service-based business is that amazing and exhilarating moment when you wake up to a wait list of perfect clients and you have your next 6 months revenue in the bag.

Gone are the night sweats and panic and instead you relish in that warm and wonderful feeling of being in control and in demand.

But how the hell do you get there fast when you aren’t yet one of those online superstars we all hear about?

Do you have to buy one of those 6 figure systems, is the secret hidden behind one of those tempting squeeze pages

I’m delighted to say


The magic key you’ve been looking for, the one that unlocks the door to a life sipping mojitos on the beach without doing any real work.  It doesn’t really exist. 

I prefer to look at things a little differently.  Read more

My secret clarity strategy


The kryptonite of entrepreneurs the world over.

It keeps us stuck, it keeps us small and it keeps us from getting results.

What do those superstar entrepreneurs have, the ones that are killing it online?


 They each have:

  • Clarity around their brand
  • Clarity on their offerings
  • Clarity on their audience
  • Clarity with their marketing

Without it our brand is messy, our people don’t connect with us and our marketing flops.

I learnt 4 simple questions that I keep on the wall above my desk and that I look at every time I have to make a decision about my business or feel myself getting pulled in different directions

Steal the decision destroyer questions here

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Becoming a lovable brand

It’s Valentine’s day and love is the in the air.

I don’t know about you but I find the whole thing a bit too cliché and forced, surely we should be lovin it up in life and in business everyday of the year?

But what does it take to create lovable marketing and build a Lovable Brand – one that captures hearts and minds all year round?

Here are my top 5 tips and most of them don’t cost a cent. Yep, my love is free!

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Narrow your niche

So here I am talking about that good old word niche. 

Yep, that word that nobody can seem to agree on how to pronounce (pssst. There really is only one way and it sounds like quiche not like ditch…makes perfect sense right!)

But before your eyes glaze over and you say you’ve heard it all before and ‘you know your niche’ hear me out.

I’m gonna go out a limb here and say if you are a coach, consultant or creative and you are struggling to get more clients, rock a wait list and become In Demand, then is most likely because. :

  • You don’t own a micro niche and are getting lost in a big ‘ol market of noise.
  • You are not being specific about the exact problem that you solve and the benefit it delivers.

Sounds basic. BUT, Lacking clarity on these 2 things means you aren’t reaching the right people and you are leaving money on the table… a lot of money.

I spoke to one client last week who had invested over 20K in a high end group coaching program and still had not nailed this piece (I’ll save the rant about programs that have you filling in worksheets but never getting actual expert strategy for another email!)

So what is a micro niche and why do you need one?

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Killing them softly with buzz words?

Are you using too many buzz words and making it difficult for your customers to buy from you?

Keep these 3 tips in mind to make sure your brand promise and customer experience align.

1.  It’s all about them, not you

You need to know your audience inside out.  What are their wants, needs and fears and what is their ultimate desired outcome?  At every interaction point you should be showing them that you understand them and that you can solve their problem.  Focus on the benefit they will derive from what you deliver and how it will make them FEEL.  Hint – if they feel like the guy in this video it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

2. Simplify to amplify

We are overloaded with information and it is estimated that the average person gets up to 5000 sales messages a day.  Whoaa!  If you want to cut through the noise you need to make it really simple for your customer to engage with you and buy from you.  Don’t make them fill in endless forms, don’t ask for their data twice.  Keep it simple, keep it quick.

3. Don’t break your promise

It’s happened to us all, we’ve had a love affair with a brand only for them to over promise and under deliver.  The simple fact is that promises matter and nobody likes to feel cheated.  A broken brand promise equals a broken relationship.  Keep your customers by doing what you say you’ll do, build their loyalty and earn their love.

And finally, be nice.  It goes a long way :)

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If you are busy making everything, how can you perfect anything?

I’m keeping this short and sweet because today’s post is about SIMPLIFYING your marketing to AMPLIFY your results.

I know that building your brand and marketing your offers can be hard and overwhelming, so today’s tip is about stripping it back to what really matters.

Watch this great brand video and ask yourself the 2 questions that Apple ask before creating, designing or launching ANYTHING. (Even this simple video makes you fall in love with the brand!)

I’d love to hear YOUR answers, so tell me in the comments below

Rocket Fuel For Your Business

Do you ever have those days where you just feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do to run and grow your business?

As an solo entrepreneur it can be easy to end up on the hamster wheel, feeling busy and out of control.

My friend Trudy Simmons is an accountability coach extraordinaire and recently we caught up to chat about how to turn this overwhelm into clarity and action.

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Switch from busy to productive – this makes all the difference to results
  • A unique way to end procrastination – I loved this one and have been using it already!
  • How to create your own version of success instead of fitting into someone else’s model and feeling trapped
How to get out of overwhelm and into action, fast!

How to get out of overwhelm and into action, fast!

One of the biggest struggles my clients come to me with is a lack of clarity.  So often they feel like marketing their business is hard and that they are switching gears from one month to the next trying out different marketing tactics to attract clients and make sales. Read more


Whoa! we’re half way through the year already!

I’m not sure about you but it seems 2015 is flying by.  We are well into winter here in Sydney and this morning I took some time to reflect back on what I’ve achieved so far this year, what’s working, what’s not and also to get re-focused for the next 6 months.

In reflecting upon the past 6 months I wanted to share some of obstacles I’m thrilled to say I’ve overcome that have lead to bringing me more momentum, more freedom, more impact and yes more money in my business!


CLARITY BOMB #1 – Packaging + Refining

Last year even though I started out with great intentions I found myself tweaking offers for clients, changing packages and pricing and this really tripped me up.  First of all it left me burnt out and secondly I felt like I became all things to all people which is the EXACT opposite of brand clarity!

Fast forward to today.  There is one way to work with me, one price and I’ve systemised all my processes.  This now works perfectly for me and gets my clients the best results.

I also got really intentional about who I won’t work with.  At first I will admit this brought up some fear, I worried that turning down clients was not a good idea! But, it has enabled me to focus on the tribe of people who really are ready to step up and build their brand, they are focused, determined and they get results!

CLARITY BOMB #2 Uniquely Me Business Model

There is a trend in the online world of following exact models, systems and blueprints; each of them offering the keys to success.  If you’ve taken my brand archetype quiz <insert link> you’ll know that your brand and business is just as unique as you are, so don’t try and fit into someone else’s version of success it’s a road to dissatisfaction for you and a less than great experience for your clients.

I’ve been told everything from:  only have a digital product, only have a high end product, run events, do VIP days…You name it, I’ve heard it.

The thing is, I LOVE one on one strategy work; my clients get huge value from my eyes on their personalized strategy and I’m working with my gifts.  BUT, I also love the power of a group and the momentum it brings and so I’ve combined the best of both worlds to create a signature offer which blends highly personalised one to one + group coaching + community.

CLARITY BOMB #3 Trying to do a million things

Many of you have heard me talk about my addiction to online marketing news, newsletters and trends and for a while my husband called me nikipedia!

The problem was I spent so much time learning and reading that it lead to me being overwhelmed, unfocussed and scattered.

I did a huge unsubscribe earlier this year and now I work with no more than 2 clear goals in 90 day stints and I focus on marketing channels that are best for me and my audience.  Speaking, networking and social media are my favourites and I’m sure you’ve noticed blogging everyday and sending lots of emails are lower down on my list!

The biggest learning of all for me has been to spend the time to get the foundations right, to align the core ingredients that it takes to build a lovable brand and to run my business with focus, certaintiy and determination.

I’d love to hear about your learnings, tell me about the shifts you have made that are making a difference in your business



How to create the perfect position for your brand

Positioning….It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot in branding, but what does it really mean?

Unless you are the brand manager for Durex I’m afraid it doesn’t have anything to do with scorching bedroom techniques

In the land of marketing, positioning is essentially:

The mental space your brand inhabits inside the heart and the mind of your audience.


It’s ALL about what prospects think and feel about you relative to your competitors.

Getting your positioning wrong can be the difference between an epic failure or a gigantic and satisfying success (a bit like in the bedroom.) Yet, so many entrepreneurs skip over this part in favour of something more fun, like a shiny new logo or fancy website. (hint: the website, the photos, the colour palette = pointless if you haven’t nailed your positioning)

So now you have heard my rant about the importance of positioning…. and my lame innuendos, lets get to the practical steps of how to create a standout position for your brand. Read more