Your business isn’t just a business.  It’s your mark upon the world.

You’re a creator, startup, do-er and boundary pushing trail blazer.

You launched your business with a big vision, ready to take on the world, make your mark and make a profit.

You want more exposure, more awesome customer and sales, more momentum, and yes, more money.

You want to feel in control and unstoppable.

Only problem? It’s not happening.

Marketing your business has started to feel hard and stressful

You’re starting to second guess your decisions, going  in one direction and then changing your mind the next month

Your message and your marketing isn’t landing, you aren’t attracting the right people or enough of them, but you can’t see where it’s broken

Your industry feels so crowded and you can’t work out what makes you different to all the other fish in the online pond

All this has left you feeling overwhelmed, stuck and wondering where the hell to next!

I want you to know…….

You aren’t coming apart at the seams. 

Your business and offers don’t suck. 

And, you aren’t doing things wrong


Whether you’re at a networking at event, writing copy for your website, on a sales call or launching an offer.  One things for sure.

The secret to being the one they choose?

An unmistakably clear brand and message that captivates them and leaves their heart pounding.

Sure you’ve got a slick looking website

The skills and knowledge to knock ‘em dead

Maybe a few good testimonials

But you aren’t giving them a BIG enough reason to choose you.

Which means they don’t ‘get’ your value

Your marketing simply isn’t conveying to them why you are different and why they should care

Maybe your marketing isn’t even reaching the right people

And this scattergun approach means you are leaving money on the table…..A lot of money.

But there is a cure for this digital distress


Your 30 day In Demand Brand Plan

After 15 years in brand and marketing strategy working with the likes of Nike, Levis, Billabong and IBM I know how to design offers, run campaigns and build brands that create devoted tribes of loyal customers. And, I know how to help you position yourself as the only option to your clients (read: too good to be ignored!).

My approach is not like those you’ve seen before.

I believe that building a business based on passion and purpose can be fulfilling AND profitable, but you gotta back up the right-brain creativity with some left-brain strategy to make it a success. It’s all about balancing the insight with the implementation, the yin with the yang. Luckily for you, I hang out at the intersection of right and left brain. And, I’ve got a knack for pinpointing your fabulous talent and turning it into a full-blown business advantage.

Rescue Remedy is a 100% personalised, hype free, serious brand, positioning and marketing overhaul for female business owners who aren’t just business owners they’re unstoppable.  Unstoppable women who don’t need another  magic system, fluff filled course or download.  Unstoppable women with confidence, drive and enough sense to know that once they have a clear brand strategy and marketing plan the sky is the limit.

Because while you’ve been doing ok with this whole entrepreneurial thing.  OK just doesn’t cut it anymore

It’s about soul satisfying success on your terms.

A business and a brand that’s defined by YOU.  So you can afford to be picky about when you work and who you work with.  So you can enjoy the work you do and the life you live.  So you can eliminate the struggle and start to thrive.

Because you didn’t get in to this game to sit back and watch everyone zoom past you

Although….. you might feel like someone stole your roller skates right now

The race isn’t over.

In Demand will help you

  Untangle the marketing knots – so that you can stop flinging spaghetti at the wall and start creating marketing that sticks.

  Find the blocks and breakages in your brand and message that are stopping the sales coming in and fix them fast.

  Uncover the hidden magic in your brand and show you how to position it in the right way for your people.

  Find the “White Space” that your brand can occupy so you aren’t competing for attention

  Understand ways to create a magnetic online home that will bring visitors to your website and keep them coming back.

  Cut through the clutter and weave together your great skills and strengths into and offer that will sell like hotcakes

  Select the best ways to promote your business and build your brand

  All this coupled with my wicked sense of humour and anything is possible attitude will soon soothe your digital distress

Bottom line. In two short weeks I’ll rescue your dishevelled brand and help you get your message heard, so you can get back to other things.  Like working on things you love and that thing called your life.

How we roll….

Step 1

I send you a deep dive business and brand workbook that will shine a light on where your business is right now, where you want it to be and your number 1 marketing goal for the next 90 days….You tell me where you are stuck, what’s working, what’s not working and Holy shit will this give you some clarity before we even speak!

This will be sent back to me 7 working days before we meet.

Step 2

Looking at your top marketing goal and your brand archetype I will then start the personalised review of your online presence.  I will dive into your current brand presence, online marketing, offerings and competitors. And, most importantly uncover your blind spots, see where you can make improvements to increase your visibility, build your list, sales and customers – I have a knack for seeing the breakages in your brand and can show you some immediate steps you need to take to fix it fast.

Step 3

Me + You together on Skype for 75 action packed minutes. I will share the results of your online audit and business review and we’ll discuss all the ways you can improve, polish and align your brand.  We’ll work through the major building blocks for marketing your business and create a personalised roadmap for the next 90 days.  We’ll use the mighty google docs to collaborate during the session so that everything is captured in real time.

Step 4

You’ll receive a recording of our call plus the roadmap we created in the session.  You will also get my digital brand builder kit with over 20 tools, templates, resources and how-to guides that I created specifically for my private clients. Included in the archive are resources that help you with things like crafting the perfect opt in offer, about page, sales page, autoresponder, FB ad’s and more.  The stuff in here alone is a massive business accelerator.  

Step 5

You get to work on everything we mapped out – full throttle ahead into action, no more messing, no more second guessing.  After 2 weeks we meet again for a 30 minute check in – you ask me any burning questions, we fine tune things and I give you a kick up the arse to make sure you are moving forward and getting results.


Get your brand and marketing sorted and never feel stuck in your business again

*The return this will deliver when you can communicated your value and captivate your audience is truly priceless!*

As this is private and highly personalized service there are only 10 spots available.  


I haven’t launched my biz yet, is this for me?

This is for people who have already launched a biz and have an online presence, people who are ready to kick it on a gear.

Will you write all my copy for me?

This is not a copywriting session.  It’s about getting your message, marketing and positioning clear.  I’ll help you with the structure, finding the right words and the how but I won’t re-write all your copy for you

Will you write help me redesign my logo and website?

The focus is on your brand message and marketing, not your visual identity, although if we uncover that this needs an overhaul I have a network of trusted designers I can link you up with

Why only set only 1 big ass goal?

Because I have a hunch you either don’t have a clearly defined goal yet or you have too many goals and this might be one of the things tripping you up already. We will focus on one major goal so that you can fix this and move forward.  

Will you help me create my elevator pitch?

Yes, once we have uncovered all the bits that we need we will use a nifty tool I have to create a magnetic way to capture peoples attention in under 30 seconds

Will you help me with my ideal audience?

YES! this is a huge part of the process and knowing exactly who you are talking to and what they want is possibly THE most important part of marketing.

Will I have a marketing plan of what to do next?

YES! you will have a personalised roadmap of the actions to take for the next 90 days.  The marketing steps to take will be outlined – I believe in simplifying to amplify.

Investment: $2,500

Only 10 spots available  8 spots spots